Forever loved, never forgotten, always missed

It is our painful duty to inform you, with grieving hearts, that a dear friend and aviator is no longer with us.

He has unexpectedly left the world of the living on Sunday, 5th November 2017.

We've all created pilots as we joined. Pilots lived and grew to glory. Pilots fell and pilots died. New ones were created and players just returned to the battlefield to start over. But this is different - This is real. There will never be a Wortmann again. Never will he return to us - never will we be able to say goodbye and have one last flight...  

Alas, words only fall short of expressing and describing the heartwrenching sorrow and grief we now feel for our deceased friend. What we wouldn't give to have him back with us... We can only preserve him in our memories and remember him by all the moments we've had together.

If only we somehow could, we would thank you for all your effort in Aviators of War, but more importantly - for all the time you have spent together with us, as a dear friend.
All the conversations, battles, jokes and giggles...

You will be forever loved, never forgotten.
May your soul find eternal peace...

To our beloved friend, Frederik.

In Memoriam