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Welcome to the Aviators of War-Roleplay Campaign

So what is the AoW-Campaign?

The War Thunder Roleplay Campaign is an unofficial game mode for War Thunder.  Using the SimulatorBattleMode of War Thunder, AoW is set to resemble WWII as realistic as possible. Instead of a Balance and Battle Rating based Mission Matchup we only use historical MatchMakings.

By this we try to recreate some of the most intense and most important aerial battle campaigns of world war two, combined with a roleplay component to produce a more realistic atmosphere.

For general information about the AoW Campaign please find our FAQ 

For more Information about the European Theatre visit.

For more Information about the Pacific Theatre visit.




! VIII. Fliegerkorps  supported by

    Divine Intervention

Flight tests/training

Before becoming a full-grown fighter ace, showered with medals and feared by the enemy, you have, like all pilots, go through some training and tests. I mean, its not like the high command would provide you with a shiny Messerschmitt or Lavochkin as long as you have not proven that you have got what it takes. 

In AoW, before you can paricipate in our missions, you will therefore have to perform a basic flight test. The Luftwaffe will assign you a tutor for that. Even pilots who have just recently taken a joystick in their hands for the very first time will learn everything they need. The Red Air Force will also provide training for new pilots.

In order to get a flight tutor use the "Request A Tutor" form.

Good luck and have fun!

Hero Moments

Do I have to speak German to fly for the Luftwaffe, or Russian to fly for the VVS RKKA or  Japanese to fly for Japan?

No, you do not. If you wish to, tho, you can (But don't expect everyone to understand you).