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Who Are We?

This War Thunder roleplay campaign, Aviators of War, is an unofficial game mode for War Thunder.  Using the Simulator Battle mode of War Thunder, AOW is set to resemble WWII as realistic as possible. Instead of balance and battle rating-based mission matchmakings, we use only historical ones that appeared in real life.

We try to recreate some of the most intense and decisive aerial battles of the second world war by combining roleplay and immersion for a more realistic atmosphere.

For general information about the AOW campaign, please find our FAQ .


Ground School & Flight School

Before becoming a full-fledged ace, showered with medals and feared by the enemy, you undergo training and take tests to demonstrate the necessary skills to operate within the ranks. It's not like high command would provide you with a shiny Messerschmitt or Lavochkin if you had not yet proven that you have what it takes. 

Anyone can join and fly AOW events, but every new player must pass a basic flight training course to ensure that they learn the rules, try their hardest to come back home alive, and do not degrade the realism the campaign is founded on.

In order to get a flight instructor, fill out the "Request A Tutor" form.




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The End of the Journey


Sadly I have to announce that this campaign, this epic masterpiece of roleplay community is paused. Probably forever. Due to Gaijins unwillingness to improve the simulator of War Thunder towards something worth spending your time with, most of our players skipped the game for better choices (Like IL2).

Therefore desperatelöy trying to keep AoW alive makes no sense. Without the community , there is no AoW.


It were some pretty amazing years and it was a hell of a ride with hundrets of awesome, funny and shocking missions. On the other hand i am happy that at least a big part of the german part of the community is still flying together, filling the IL2 sky.


MAYBE one day GJ will be aware of us again and rething what they did to the SIM Cummunity. Then we MIGHT can come back and restart all this badass shit!


I will never forget! God bless you brothers :-(